Information from the Association Legalize it! (December 2023)


At the end of the year

2023 will soon come to an end. It has been a special year:

  • At the end of the year, we published the 100th issue of our association magazine Legalize it!.
  • We were able to launch the Cannabis Social Club Hanfstübli in August and gain our first experience with legal sales.
  • One highlight was certainly the Federal Court's decision in the summer that a small amount of cannabis may not be confiscated by the police. Some members of our association invested a lot of time in this, but it was worth it!

We would like to thank everyone for their membership fees, donations, cooperation and information. We hope that 2024 will be at least as exciting and successful.

Our information pages on

We have posted some interesting summary penalty orders from the year 2023. If you have any other documents that would be of interest to others, please send them to us.

In the last few weeks, we have adapted almost all the main pages of our wiki to the developments. But there is always something to do, especially the medicine page still needs to be revised.

Applications for the pilot project in Bern & Biel open

As part of the SCRIPT study, it will soon be possible to smoke pot legally in Bern, Biel and Lucerne. Applications are already being accepted for Bern and Biel. Sales are due to start in February 2024. You can find all the information on cannabis dispensaries here.

Checking our translations

We have been translating all pages on into French and English for several years. We are looking for more proofreaders, especially for checking the English texts. If you have a very good command of this language and can spare a few hours every three months, please get in touch!

New payments also via TWINT

We can now also receive donations via TWINT. So if you would like to send us a donation for the start of 2024, here is the QR code:

However: transfers from account to account are free of charge for us, TWINT transfers cost us 1-3 francs each. But as some members would like to pay via TWINT, we have now set this up. We are happy about every payment, every channel!

Office break over the turn of the year

Our office will be closed for the next two weeks. For urgent questions, please send an SMS to 079 581 90 44 and we will find an appointment. We will be available again as usual from Monday, January 8. We wish you a happy new year!

Our association meeting 2024

Our association meeting will take place on Friday, January 26. Our members are cordially invited and received the details in the last Legalize it! mailing at the beginning of December. To attend, please register briefly.

Kind regards

Fabian, Markus, Michael and Sven

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