Our legal aid brochure Shit happens

Hemp, pot, THC and the laws on cannabis prosecution

Since 1996, we have published our legal findings in printed form as a brochure every one to five years. The focus is primarily on cannabis use and its legal consequences. Our Shit happens is thus a legal aid brochure. It deals with the laws, the police prosecution and the summary penalty orders around the topic of hemp and THC consumption. It includes various statistics on referrals, as well as tips against repression. In the fall of 2021, we published the 14th edition.

Secondly, we have published an A3 overview under this title, which shows at a glance the various problem areas of hemp repression. Since 2019, we now also produce this variant, which we brought out in the fall of 2021 in the 3rd edition (Shit happens 12.3).

You can order or download our current editions 12 (overview, published 2021) as well as 14 (brochure, published 2021). The older editions of our Shit happens are also available there as PDF (we started with the 1st edition in 1996). Here is the imprint of the 14th edition.

Who makes the Shit happens?

The editorial team has consisted of Fabian Strodel and Sven Schendekehl for two decades. In addition, many other members help with our work. The editorial team meets frequently to sift through new information. The legal situation is pretty much fixed, but we are continuously collecting new information on how the regulations are applied in specific cases. There is always more information coming in, which we then integrate again in a new edition or here on our hanflegal.ch.

If you have any questions or would like to send us information, please contact us:

By cell phone079 581 90 44
By mailMail to association Legalize it!
By letterLegalize it!, Quellenstrasse 25, 8005 Zurich

How can I support the work around Shit happens?

If you like what we write and do, you can support our work by making a donation, subscribing, or becoming a member.

New: Shit happens 14

Shit happens 14

Shit happens 13

Shit happens 13

A3 overview Shit happens 12

The Shit happens 12 provides a concise overview of the different levels of repression.

The third version from autumn 2021
The second version of the spring 2020
The first version of autumn 2019

The earlier printed editions Shit happens

We have distributed over 40,000 printed copies in the 14 editions since 1996. And the reactions show us that our legal aid brochure is still needed.

Shit happens, Edition 11 - Click to enlarge
Edition 11
Shit happens, Edition 10 - Click to enlarge
Edition 10
Shit happens, Edition 9 - Click to enlarge Shit happens, Edition 9 - Click to enlarge
Edition 9
Shit happens, edition 5 Shit happens, editions 6 to 8
Edition 5 Editions 6, 7 and 8
Shit happens, edition 3 Shit happens, edition 4
Edition 3 Edition 4
Shit happens, edition 1 Shit happens, edition 2
Edition 1 Edition 2
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