Example of an unconditional sentence for FuD

If the first time there had been 25 daily sentences of 110 francs (conditionally for two years), the new sentence for both offenses was: 90 daily sentences of 120 francs (unconditionally, so that has to be paid). This then results in the following total costs (case from fall 2018):

CHF Position
91 Police Cost Report
100 Fine
10'800 monetary penalty
1'600 Summary penalty order fee
716 Disbursement stores to distribute
13'307 Total, payable within 30 days

Anyone who has been convicted of an offense should therefore really not commit any further misdemeanor at least during the probationary period. Otherwise, the penalties will be drastically harsher: the number of daily sentences will be much higher and, above all, you will have to pay them all.

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