The groundless ban on hemp: reappraising history

How did hemp prohibition come about in the first place? The book “The never-debated story behind the ban on hemp” traces the origins of this absurd but real story. The 3rd edition has now been printed.

Author Annemarie Meyer summarizes the key messages of her new book as follows. We know and can prove that:

  • the ban on hemp, which originated in the USA in the 1930s, is based on racism.
  • Switzerland lawfully enforced the ban on hemp in 1951 due to the US disinformation propaganda.
  • the WHO denied any therapeutic value to hemp in 1954, despite knowing better.
  • the 1961 UN Convention on Narcotic Drugs was initiated by avowed racists who deliberately deceived the world by stating, without scientific basis, that hemp is one of the most dangerous drugs in the world with no therapeutic value.
  • the 1988 UN Convention and the 2004 EU Framework Decision refer to this 1961 Convention.
  • although the WHO officially confirmed in 2019 that cannabis is neither a worthless nor life-threatening addictive substance, hemp is still declared as such by the UN and no one has apologized for all the suffering that has resulted from these laws.

It is fatal to ignore the history behind this ban. To this day, the authors of these laws are still shielded from consequences, while the victims of this policy continue to suffer.

Annemarie Meyer's book can be ordered from any bookshop.

ISBN 978-3-03788-635-9

Price 25 francs.

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