Repression vintage 2007

The summer joys are marred every year by a sad statistic: once again, a vintage of police repression against THC has been put into figures. The number of convictions for consumption decreased in 2007, but still reached more than 30,000 convictions.

Arrests for use of THC products in 2007

In 2007, there were 24,645 convictions for consumption of weed, 5,505 convictions for hashish consumption, 624 for hemp plant consumption, and 44 for oil ingestion. Total: 30,818 convictions for consumption (34,138 convictions were counted in 2006). The two graphs show the development of hashish and weed consumption convictions over the last ten years. These two categories account for the lion's share of consumption convictions (oil and hemp plant consumption are marginal).


Arrests for trafficking in THC products in 2007

In 2007, there were 1,892 convictions for trafficking in weed (instead of 1,987 in 2006), 652 convictions for trafficking in hashish (instead of 872 as in 2006), 224 for trafficking in hemp plants (192 in 2006) and 4 for trafficking in oil (8 in 2006). Total: 2,772 convictions for trafficking (3,059 in 2006).

Seizures of THC products in 2007

3,530,610 grams of weed (over a ton more than 2006), 484,078 grams of hash (almost 100 kg more than 2006), 214 grams of oil (about one-seventh of 2006), and 132,712 hemp plants (almost the same as 2006) were seized in 2007.

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