2008: the 35th year of hemp repression is recorded

For many years now, we've been following the development of the number of convictions. Those who have been members for a long time have also seen how this has developed. Now the last year of the old counting method has been published and we are looking back over 35 years.

Statistics of convictions in 2008

It came out half a year ago, but we have not yet got around to publishing it: The 2008 conviction statistics have been published. In this Legalize it! we print the two graphs on convictions for consumption and trafficking. In 2008, there were 29,398 convictions for consumption (below 30,000 for the first time in eight years) and 3,531 convictions for trafficking. The number of convictions for trafficking has increased massively, while a slight decrease in the number of convictions for consumption can be observed.

To the supplement

However, the fixed penalties, as known in St. Gallen, are not included in these statistics (because no report takes place here). Since 2001, it would be possible to add a few hundred fixed penalties to the number of consumption convictions.

A new section

This is the last year of the old counting method. The cantonal police forces have so far different views on how and what is counted. The statistics also have other weaknesses (weighed hemp plants are “converted” into a number of hemp plants; if someone is carrying hash and weed, that counts as two convictions, etc.). But the numbers give an approximate impression how strong the repression rages and also what is found with the controlled persons. Now the counting method is to be standardized. We look forward to the new statistics of police repression with interest: Will the statistics be better than the old ones? And: Will the police at least be ashamed of their actions in the field of hemp? But we will hardly be allowed to experience that.

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