The partial revision enters into force

The partial revision ends the funny story of the worldwide unique term “hemp herb for the production of narcotics”. Worse, however, are the provisions on the “protection of minors”, which above all allow a massive tightening of prohibition.

We have already reported on this. In 2011, the partial revision of the Narcotics Law NarcA will come into force. We have summarized the most important points in Legalize it! 46. We strongly recommend everyone to read the corresponding article again:

The contents of the amended NarcA

Summary of changes

Here again the essential changes to today's situation (as it is shown in Shit happens 6 and 7): “Hemp herb for the production of narcotics”, this funny term, will soon be a thing of the past. Now it is called “narcotics of the effect type cannabis”. This means that hemp plants become a narcotic in any case as soon as a certain THC value is exceeded. Now a value of 1.0% THC is valid. If something contains more THC, it is a narcotic. At times a value of 0.3% was also under discussion, but 1.0/0.3% does not play a role in everyday life either, since hemp must contain at least 5, better 10 or 20 percent THC to be consumed sensibly.

The most problematic, however, are the new regulations, which go under the somewhat confusing term “protection of minors”. Even making THC products available to those under 18 is now a misdemeanor (where potentially house search and pre-trial detention are possible and punishment is followed by an entry in the criminal record). With this, all people who have something to smoke at home and with whom minors socialize should think very carefully about how they want to store hash and weed. Theoretically, a joint butt, if it is accessible to minors, already fulfills the offence. Here we see big problems for parents.

Anyone who smokes pot with young people, even if it's just a joint, is guilty of an offense. This applies not only to adults, but also to young people who pass a joint to other young people. If the police and the courts interpret this as it is written, then a massive wave of repression will follow in this area, which would definitely be of the severity and harshness of zero tolerance for THC while driving.

The only potentially positive thing about the partial revision: there may be a legal reference for certain medical uses. The details are not yet clear (for which diseases, which THC products, who produces them and who distributes them).

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