Tens of thousands affected every year

The prosecution of cannabis violations

The two graphs (click to enlarge) represent the number of hemp defendants prosecuted for consumption or preparatory acts for personal consumption. Each person is counted only once, even if he or she was reported several times. The left graph shows the different categories of convictions, the right graph shows the age distribution of those convicted.

The prosecution of cannabis-misdemeanors

These graphs show those who have passed on or sold something: again, several thousand defendants. The left chart shows the two categories of convictions (light misdemeanors and heavy misdemeanors or felonies), the right chart the age distribution of those convicted.

Seizures and source reference

Seizures 2020 - Click to enlarge

Statistics 1974 until 2019

Here are more articles about statistics. There are two periods: The period up to 2008 and the period from 2009 onwards. The figures for the two periods are only comparable to a limited extent. The figures for the previous year are published at the end of March each year.

New counting method

Old counting method

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