Tens of thousands affected every year

The prosecution of cannabis violations

The two graphs (click to enlarge) represent the number of hemp defendants prosecuted for consumption or preparatory acts for personal consumption. Each person is counted only once, even if he or she was reported several times. The left graph shows the different categories of convictions, the right graph shows the age distribution of those convicted.

The prosecution of cannabis-misdemeanors

These graphs show those who have passed on or sold something: again, several thousand defendants. The left chart shows the two categories of convictions (light misdemeanors and heavy misdemeanors or felonies), the right chart the age distribution of those convicted.

Prosecution of hemp seeds and change hash share

Import of hemp seeds: from misdemeanor to contraventions

Another year in which customs fished out hemp seeds envelopes en masse and arrested those involved: 2020 shows the second highest figure (the record year 2015 is still at the lonely top). In addition to the annual number of arrests, we also show the type of report. hemp seeds -defendants by type of report, 2009 to 2020 In our chart on the left, we have listed defendants who have been charged with handling hemp seeds. On the one hand, those accused of contraventions (in light red), and on the other, those accused of misdemeanors (in purple). The lockdown seems to have inspired many to order hemp seeds. Well, that was not a good idea, customs reports everything they find. Almost 2,500 people were affected in 2020. However, while in 2015 the majority were still reported for an misdemeanor right away, now the vast majority are finally only reported for contraventions (change from purple to light red). In 2015, of all cannabis-misdemeanors, 27% were for hemp seeds, an insane figure. In 2020, the proportion has now dropped to just under 8 %. Correspondingly, more such cases appear at the contraventions.

Hashish share: big drop after revival

The older ones got into smoking pot with hashish. But over the years, this has become almost irrelevant: weed took over the market. Then there was a resurgence and hashish increased in all age groups. But the lockdown prevented imports and the hash rate dropped drastically. Hash share among misdemeanor defendants by age group, 2009 to 2020. 2020 is a special repression year: the lockdown temporarily halted hash sales, and the borders were tight. This drastically trimmed back the increase in hash. But not only that: traditionally, the hash share was highest among older people (very nicely shown in the graph on the right for the 2009 vintage). Then the rates rose from 2015, especially among the young, and then in 2019 all age groups had very similar rates, with the younger ones taking the lead. This has continued through the downturn and now we see the reversal of the earlier ratios: The oldest now have the smallest hash share, with 18-24 year olds clearly taking the top spot. Were the older ones using less and not getting busted more? Did the younger ones have better connections to find something in these difficult times after all? The reason is not really clear, but this shift is remarkable.

Seizures and source reference

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