Upcoming events and dates

On this page you will find the dates of our club, especially our member meetings and when the office is closed for holidays. In order to be able to plan better, we have introduced in 2017 a registration for the member meetings - please register until one week before the meeting: 079 581 90 44 or Email.

Five members can be present on site (regulatory requirements permitting), ten more can join online (this is always possible). Links to the online meetings will be posted a few hours before the start..

Now you can also add our events to your calendar program with the URL https://hanflegal.ch/kalender-subscribe, for example:

  • in Google Calendar under “More Calendars”, +, “Add via URL”.
  • in Apple Calendar under “File”, “New Calendar Subscription”.

Calendar 2021

Legal Aid Brochure Release Shit happens edition 14
Autumn time: From October 4 to 31, our office will be staffed exclusively in the
afternoon on Thursdays and Fridays.
October 15 Member meeting (also video)
November 12 Member meeting (also video)

Where do the meetings take place?

At the Legalize it! office at Quellenstrasse 25, 8005 Zurich
Tram 4, 6 or 13 from Zurich main station to Quellenstrasse station or about 20 minutes on foot.
6 pm Start, 10 p.m. Closing

Our 2021 so far

January 29Association meeting (VV) - also by video
February 19Member meeting (also video)
Spring issue:Release of Legalize it!, issue 90
March 12Member meeting (also video)
Springtime:From 29 March to 9 April our office remains closed for the holidays. During this time we are unable to take calls or provide legal advice. Requests per Email we will try to answer - but more complex questions will be answered on April 12.
April 23Member meeting (also video)
May 21Member meeting (also video)
Summer issue:Release of Legalize it!, issue 91
June 25Member meeting (also video)
July 3 & 4Legalize it! booth at the 20 years CannaTrade Festival (BernExpo)
Summertime: From July 5 to August 6, our office will be open only on Fridays, in the afternoon.
August 20 Member meeting (also video)
September 10 Member meeting (also video)

Member meeting

Almost every month we invite to a members' meeting. Here the members each other and the the association get to know each other better. We have meetings with a theme and a short talk as well as meetings without a specific theme. On these evenings we can discuss possibilities to help.

Who would like to come by: please register.

Association meeting (VV)

For a long time our annual meeting has been held. association meeting at last Friday in January in January. In 2019, we deviated (just barely) from that tradition: Our AGM was held on Friday, February 1, 2019.
The invitation will be printed in the winter edition of the Legalize it! which is sent out in December.
The annual report with the minutes will be published in the spring issue in March.

Our 2020

31 JanuaryAssociation meeting 2020
Spring issue:Release Legalize it!, issue 87
April 11First Online meeting (via Zoom)
May 8Second Online meeting (via Whereby)
Legal Aid BrochureRelease Shit happens edition 13
Summertime:From the end of June our office will be occupied exclusively on Thursdays and Fridays, in the afternoon.
July 17First test Hybrid Meeting on site and online
From 6 AugustOffice occupied again normally (Mon, Tue, Thu, Fri, each in the afternoon)
August 28Deadline collection large donations 2020
Fall issue:Release Legalize it!, issue 88
September 18Member meeting (also video)
Autumn time:From October 5 to 30, our office will be staffed exclusively on Fridays, in the afternoon.
October 23Member meeting (also per video)
November 13Member meeting (also per video)
Winter issue:Release Legalize it!, issue 89
December 11Member meeting (also video)
Wintertime:From 21 December to 8 January our office will not be staffed. However, in urgent cases we are sure to find an appointment for our members: Best by Email or SMS (079 581 90 44).
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