What are association statutes?

The statutes of an association give it the legal basis (similar to the constitution and laws of a society). They explain what membership means and what the goals of the association are. They also state how the board of directors is appointed and what the maximum membership fees may be.

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Statutes Association Legalize it!

I. Name and location of the association

Under the name “Legalize it!” there is an association with its registered office in Zurich in the sense of Art. 60 ff. of the Swiss Civil Code.

II. purpose of the association

The association aims to inform its members and other interested parties on a regular basis about the topics of hemp legalization, stoner culture, the hemp scene and legal issues surrounding hemp. Ultimately, the association wants to achieve the complete legalization of hemp in Switzerland.

III. means of the association

The association seeks to achieve its goals through

  • regular publication of the magazine Legalize it! and sending it to the members of the association, subscribers and other interested parties
  • offering legal information on the subject of hemp and the law as well as periodically summarizing legal findings in a legal aid brochure
  • other activities (events, excursions, actions, etc.), as far as its means allow.

IV. Finances of the association

The association is financed by

  • the interest on the capital stock
  • the contributions of the members
  • the subscription income
  • Donations
  • Income from the sale of the magazine Legalize it! and other printed matter or services.

V. Organization

The organs of the association are

  • the association meeting (VV)
  • the board

The General Assembly of the Association shall be held annually and shall be convened by the Board of Directors at least one month before the date by written notice to the members. The meeting is quorate if at least three members are present. Resolutions are passed by a simple majority of the votes cast. Resolutions can only be passed on topics listed in the invitation. The AGM is chaired by a member of the Board. The minutes shall be taken by a member of the Board. The General Assembly has all powers that have not been delegated to the Board. In particular, it elects the Board, approves the annual accounts and the annual report of the Board and discharges the Board. Furthermore, it determines the membership fee for companies and private individuals (within the statutory framework, see VII).

The Board consists of at least one and at most five members of the Association. The term of office is one year, whereby re-election is possible without limitation. The Board constitutes itself and determines its own meetings. All board members are authorized to represent the association externally (single signature). The board convenes the meetings of the association. Both the ordinary, once a year, and any extraordinary meetings of the Association. It prepares the annual accounts and the annual report for the attention of the AGM. The Board can hire personnel for the production of the magazine Legalize it!, the legal consultations, the secretariat and other activities. He is responsible for this.

VI. members

A person who has paid the annual membership fee and can identify with the purpose of the association becomes a member of the association. Membership lasts one year from the date of payment. Resignation is possible at any time. The Board of Directors may reject an application for membership without justification. The rights of the members are the participation in the meetings of the association, the delivery of a legal aid brochure, the magazine Legalize it! and the discounted purchase of further copies of the magazine Legalize it! The cooperation of members (help with meetings, actions, writing articles etc.) is desired, but not obligatory.

VII. Liability

The association is liable only with its assets. A private liability through the current membership fee of the members is excluded. The membership fee for private members is a maximum of 100 francs per year, for corporate members a maximum of 400 francs per year.

VIII. Final Provisions

This total revision of the Statutes replaces the old Statutes of June 6, 1998 and was adopted and put into force at the Ordinary General Meeting of the Association on January 14, 2005.

The German text of our Articles of Association is binding.

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