Our interest: THC

Many people use THC products for pain relief or pleasure. But hash and weed are still illegal. Therefore, THC-users face a variety of problems. We at the association Legalize it! help people who use THC products with a wide variety of questions. For this we offer our members various personal consultations, courses and written information. Ultimately, we want to achieve the complete legalization of all THC products - even if the road there will still be long.

What does the association Legalize it! do ?

At Association Legalize it! the Legalize it!-magazines (about every three months), as well as the legal aid brochure Shit happens (every one to five years). We work on the topics THC Policy, THC Culture, THC Scene and THC Justice. For this purpose we carry out tests, collect relevant material and publish our findings regularly for the attention of our members and subscribers. We also provide free legal advice every week legal information and once or twice a month our sociable members' meeting twice a month. Our Bylaws and annual reports provide further information.

Association Legalize it!

Some info from the last years

Who runs the association Legalize it!?

For the year 2021 there are four of us on the board of the association Legalize it! and can be reached as follows:
Sven Schendekehl Fabian Strodel Markus Graf Michael Stapelberg

The management of the association is the responsibility of all board members.

In detail, we have divided the responsibilities as follows:

  • Fabian and Sven are responsible for the finances/bookings and the infrastructure/ICT.
  • The wiki and everything else at hanflegal.ch is run by Michael and Fabian.
  • The editorial staff of the magazine Legalize it! and the legal aid brochure Shit happens are Fabian (graphics and corrections) and Sven (layout, production and mailing).
  • Sven is responsible for advertising (banners, inserts, advertisements).
  • Michael will take care of the member recruitment at join.hanflegal.ch and the QR codes.
  • Markus runs the Facebook and Twitter accounts.
  • Legal questions will be answered by Sven.

How do I reach the association Legalize it!?

Phone079 581 90 44 Monday, Tuesday, Thursday and Friday, afternoons
MailMail to association Legalize it!
LetterAssociation Legalize it!, Quellenstrasse 25, 8005 Zurich

The secretariat is the central point of contact for our association: for changes of address, legal questions, penal orders and other documents, offers of collaboration, Shit happens orders, major donations, requests for advertisements and new interested parties.

How can I support the association Legalize it!?

If you like what we write and do, you can support our work by making a donation, a subscription, or a membership support. If you have any questions or would like to contribute (texts, images, graphics, shipping, actions), please get in touch: I participate!

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30 years association Legalize it!

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