Our magazine Legalize it!

The 90th issue is the current number of our magazine. So we have achieved a certain continuity, even though we have of course gone through very different phases in the production of our magazine.

What is this Legalize it!?

The magazine Legalize it! researches and publishes texts, pictures and graphics on the topics of THC politics, THC culture, THC scene and THC justice. Every three months our members receive this information in letter form. We started this in 1995 and since then our magazine is published about four times a year.

Who's doing Legalize it!?

The editorial team currently consists of Fabian Strodel and Sven Schendekehl. In addition, many other members help with our work.

How do I reach the Legalize it!?

Per Mobile079 581 90 44
Per MailMail to association Legalize it!
Per LetterLegalize it!, Quellenstrasse 25, 8005 Zurich

How can I support Legalize it!?

If you like what we write and do, you can support our work by making a donation, subscribing, or becoming a member. unterstützen. If you have any questions or would like to contribute (texts, pictures, graphics, mailing, actions, please contact.

How do I handle the PDFs?

All PDF titles you find on these pages are structured as follows: First the number of Legalize it! (so for example li30=Legalize it!, issue 30), then the date of publication (so for example 0604=June 2004), finally the page numbers (so for example 0305=page 3 to 5). To view the PDFs most people need the Adobe Reader.

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Magazine Legalize it! No. 90

Magazine Legalize it! No. 90 - Spring 2021

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