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The legal situation around hemp in Switzerland is not easy to understand. It is contradictory and above all unjust. But the hemp prohibition is still valid in Switzerland and police and public prosecutor's offices accordingly pursue everything they notice. And this with all repressive possibilities they have. One should never underestimate criminal proceedings!

It’s easy to get the sweats, if you suddenly find yourself in such a criminal procedure and have never dealt with this topic. Summons to interrogation, statements/protocols, summary penalty orders, driving suitability examination and much other new more awaits the affected.

If you want to know more, read our legal overview Shit happens or the corresponding pages starting at Introduction and overview, which contain much more info on the topic.

Besides our publications on paper and here on, we also provide individual legal consultations. It is best to read through our information before we give a personal consultation personal consultation.

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Legal overview

Shit happens 15 (Summer 2023)

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