Editions of our Shit happens

Our legal overview Shit happens is now available in English for the first time. We are very pleased and thank everyone who contributed to it!

Here you can find all editions as PDF for download. Please remember that we are financed by membership fees and donations and are happy about every donation.

The 15th edition, valid since 2023

On the one hand, the brochure became too small for all the info we can present. On the other hand, we don't have the money to produce a thick book. In the winter of 2022/23, we developed the idea of listing only the very most important points on paper and then providing links that lead to the comprehensive info. This eventually led us to the Shit happens 15 foldout, for which Lea designed the layout with the icons. It is now published in June 2023.

Unfortunately, the older editions are only available in German.

The 14th edition, valid until 2022

At the beginning of 2021, we began to review the 13th edition for changes. In several stages, we updated the figures, updated the display graphics and clarified some text passages. Over the summer of 2021, we finalized the layout of the 14th edition and sent the data to the printer. We will send a copy to our members in early September.

The 13th edition, valid until summer 2021

At the end of 2019, we started planning the new brochure. The second member mailing in 2019 also brought the necessary large donations to give our project a financial basis. The main production was then in the months after our 2020 association meeting, mainly March to May. The pandemic also had its impact: since we could not resume meetings and CannaTrade did not take place either, we used the time to once again update our legal information after 2018. We clarified many details, added the graphics and followed the shift of the fixed penalties provisions from the NarcA to the new fixed penalties law or regulation.

The 12th edition (A3 overview)

Thus, we present on one page as compactly as possible all important elements of hemp-prosecution. This is intended to provide media professionals and those seeking advice with a quick insight into the topic. The links then lead to our pages with more in-depth information. Printed out, we use this A3 overview for legal consultations.

Shit happens 12.3, valid since 1.8.2021

We have made some minor clarifications and changes in the third edition.

Shit happens 12.2, valid from 1.1.2020

This is the revised, second version of our A3 overview on hemp repression. We have moved the fines from the NarcA to the revised Ordnungsbussengesetz and Ordinance and made many other small improvements.

Shit happens 12.1, valid until 31.12.2019

This was the first version of our A3 overview.

The 11th edition, valid until 31.12.2019

We had already started to make various updates to the legal information in the fall of 2017 and then compiled it fresh after the publication of Legalize it! No. 80 freshly compiled. In May, the data went to the printer and at the end of the month we sent out the updated and expanded 11th edition Shit happens.
Therefore, we have now also brought our THC&Right part in the Wiki à jour. The brochure in paper form can be ordered as before via our web form.

The 10th edition, valid until spring 2018

In March 2016, we started freshly compiling all the legal information. We brought it up to date here on the wiki and then in the summer we also laid it out in brochure form as the 10th edition Shit happens and in September the brochures came off the press.

The 9th edition, valid until summer 2016

The 8th edition, valid until 30.9.2013

The 7th edition, valid until 30.6.2011

The older editions

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Legal overview

Shit happens 15 (Summer 2023)

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