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Many people use THC-containing products as medicines or stimulants. But hash and weed are still illegal. That is why THC-users face a variety of problems. We from the association Legalize it! help people who use THC products with legal questions. For this purpose we offer personal consultations and written information.

We follow the political development about hemp in Switzerland and publish our assessments. Ultimately, we want to achieve the complete legalization of hemp - even if the road there will still be long.

You can reach our main topics via the six points in the navigation at the top of the page (or in the hamburger menu on your mobile phone). The quick navigation leads to the respective sub-topics of a main topic (here to the latest news from our club, prosecution and politics). Below you will find all current information from our association Legalize it!


05.07.2021 - Summer break office until August 6

Agenda & Activities Until August 6, the office will be in break mode. During this time, we will only be available by phone Fridays, in the afternoon. Outside these hours, we can best be reached by email.

Starting August 9, the office will be available again as usual (Mon, Tue, Thu & Fri, preferably in the afternoon).

We wish everyone a useful summer!

14.05.2021 => Festival: 20years CannaTrade from 2nd to 4th July 2021

20years CannaTrade - Festival, July 2-4, 2021 Unfortunately, due to the pandemic, the legendary Swiss Hemp Fair CannaTrade had to be postponed, first from 2020 to 2021 and then finally to 2022.

But this does not keep the organizers from celebrating the 20th anniversary properly this summer: From July 2 to July 4, a Party will take place on the grounds of the BernExpo - where the first fair was held 20 years ago.

We hope for good weather and lots of revelers - maybe you'll stop by and we'll have three unforgettable days! Legalize it!

01.05.2021 – National Council Committee approves Parliamentary Initiative

At its meeting on April 28, the National Council Committee for Social Security and Health (SSHC-N) approved the Parliamentary Initiative of Heinz Siegenthaler (Media release in french).
Now the business goes to the commission of the Council of States and a years-long process begins - outcome uncertain.
You can find out more about this at Parliamentary Initiative

23.04.2021 - National Council Committee examines Parliamentary Initiative

According to the meeting schedule (page 2), the Committee for Social Security and Health of the National Council (SSHC-N) is to deal with the Parliamentary Initiative (20.473) of Heinz Siegenthaler (The Center) on Wednesday, April 28. This had already been submitted in September 2020.
You can find out more about this at Parliamentary Initiative

31.03.2021 - Ordinance on pilot tests under the Narcotics Act comes into force in May

On 15 May 2021, the Ordinance on Pilot Trials under the Narcotic Drugs Act will come into force. This will allow pilot projects in which participants can legally acquire cannabis and consume it in private. The whole thing is slowly taking shape, even if there is still a long way to go. Some things are still unclear, for example how the biological proof of existing consumption will be managed.
You can read more about this on Pilot trials

26.03.2021 => Spring break office from 29 March to 9 April

Agenda & Activities From 29 March to 9 April our office will be closed for holidays.

During this time we can no calls calls and give legal advice legal advice. Requests by e-mail we will try to answer - but more complex questions will not be answered until 12 April.

From 12 April the office is available again as usual (Mon, Tue, Thu & Fri, preferably in the afternoon). On 23 April we will have our next members' meeting will take place.

We wish you all beautiful spring days and a successful start into the new season!

13.03.2021 - Medical hemp: Council of States unanimously in favour

Already on 8 March, the Council of States has been involved in the debate on medical hemp the Council of States unanimously followed the National Council (Media release). Thus, the business is now ready for the final vote, which should pass without any problems.
You can find more information on Medical hemp

03.03.2021 - Magazine Legalize it! No. 90 is published & No. 89 is online

These days, our members the current number 90 of our magazine Legalize it! in the mailbox. The spring number contains - as it has for a long time - the annual report and conclusion of the past year. We will make the complete magazine available as a PDF in June.
Become a become a member, so that you are always up to date (e.g. also by e-mail) - you thus enable our activities and support the association. Legalize it!

Legalize it! No. 89 from winter 20/21 is online We have also published another issue of our magazine Legalize it! pdf. The issue 89 is now available both as a whole and as individual articles in the areas of Politics, Culture and Scene to Download ready for download. The current issue is still available to our members members only.

03.03.2021 - Annual report and financial statements 2020

In magazine Legalize it! No. 90, which our members in the mailbox these days, contains - as it has for a long time in the spring issue - our annual report and conclusion of the past year.

We are happy to officially put 2020 behind us. Thank you to everyone who supported us during this difficult year!

02/12/2021 - Harmless stoners criminalized: Amsterdam 🇳🇱 back to the stone age

Amsterdam back to the stone age Amsterdam's mayor Femke Halsema has put forward a proposal that only residents of the Netherlands would get a so-called “Wiet-Pas”…

You can find more details in our statement about it.

11.02.2021 - Association meeting, board and annual report

Annual reports association Legalize it! On 29 January we held our association meeting 2021 took place. We approved the 2020 financial statements and elected the Board for 2021: Sven Schendekehl, Markus Graf, Michael Stapelberg and Fabian Strodel lead our association in 2021.
The detailed minutes with annual report and annual accounts will follow in Legalize it! No. 90, which will be published at the beginning of March.

06.01.2021 - Hemp no longer in the catalogue of varieties and report on THC in the blood and driving a car

Since 2021 hemp is no longer listed in the catalogue of varieties and thus all hemp varieties that remain below 1% THC can be freely distributed. Further information can be found at the Federal Office for Agriculture.

An interesting report from the Institute of Forensic Medicine of the University of Basel on the subject of THC in the blood and driving ability/ability to drive. However, we would like to point out: This is a discussion paper and not yet implemented in current law!

Fact sheet THC limits (short version), Report THC limits (45 pages)

16.11.2020 - Our website in a new look

We have renewed the appearance of our wiki and also redesigned the navigation. Many thanks to Michael for the programming! Now it's our turn to click through our pages and still make improvements here and there. If you notice something, we are glad about a message!

05.06.2020 - Shipping Shit happens 13

Shit happens 13 In the last few months, we have mainly been working on the new edition of our legal aid brochure. brochure. This week we filled the envelopes in several batches and put them in the mail. Next week the copies should be delivered to our members members. At the same time we have also updated our Wiki here with the new information. Now we have to clean up a few details. Afterwards we would like to publish the new documents on hemp repression that we have received (e.g. penalty orders), and post them here.

06.04.2020 - Shit happens 12.2: Second version of our repression overview

Shit happens 12.2: Overview of repression We have published our Overview of Repression in the second version: Shit happens 12.2 (A3), which is available as PDF or JPG available. The idea was that besides our brochure and the Wiki we need a concise presentation that shows the complexity of hempprosecution can be presented at a glance. It is intended as a basis for those seeking advice as well as for quick information for media professionals.

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