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Many people use THC containing products medicinally or recreationally. But hash and weed are still illegal. Therefore, THC users face a variety of problems. We, the Legalize it! association, help people who use THC products with legal questions. For this purpose we offer personal consultations and written information.

We follow the political development surrounding hemp in Switzerland and publish our evaluations of it. Ultimately, we want to achieve the complete legalization of hemp - even if the path there remains long.

Our main topics can be reached via the six headings in the navigation at the top of the page (or in the hamburger menu on your cell phone). The quick navigation leads to the respective sub-topics of a main topic (here to the latest news from our association, the prosecution and politics). Below you will find all current information from the Legalize it! association.


06.12.2023 – Magazine Legalize it! No. 100 is published & No. 99 is online

This week, our members received the current 100th anniversary issue of our magazine Legalize it! magazine. The somewhat thicker winter issue contains a mix of topics: The parliamentary initiative can continue to be discussed, the commemoration day for the Swiss NarcA, a book on the history of global hemp prohibition, the path to Legalize it! No. 100 with cover pictures and our social club «Hanfstübli» as part of the city of Zurich's pilot project.
We will make the complete magazine available as a PDF from March 2024. Become a member so that you are always up to date (e.g. also by e-mail) – you make our activities possible and support the association Legalize it!

Legalize it No. 99 from fall 2023 is online We have also published another issue of our magazine Legalize it! as PDF. The Issue 99 is now available for download both as a whole and as individual articles in the Justice, Culture and Scene sections. The current issue (#100) is still reserved for our members.

The Federal Council's report is 100 pages long and provides a comprehensive overview of the legal situation regarding the various hemp products. It also discusses possible new approaches, both for products that are already legal and for hemp as a stimulant. Anyone wishing to delve deeper into this topic will find a good basis here.

However, the report contains one error: adult consumers are not only punished with a “regulatory fine up to 300 francs”, but either with a regulatory fine over 100 francs (if the consumption was detected directly by the police) or they are reported (if more than 10 grams are seized, plants were cultivated or multiple consumption is to be punished). And then it can quickly cost 500 francs, or even a few thousand francs in larger cases!

01.09.2023 => How do we handle data?

We have summarized in an understandable way how we handle data. You can find our current Data Protection Policy at the bottom of each page (together with the Imprint and our Cookie Policy.

24.07.2023 => Federal Court: Small amount cannot be confiscated!

The Federal Court's media release today is clear: anyone who acquires and possesses 10 grams of cannabis for their own consumption is not only exempt from punishment, but can also keep this amount. The police may not confiscate it (unless they also observe the consumption, in which case they may seize the material and issue a regulatory fine for 100 francs ). We will now analyze the exact text of the verdict. Afterwards, we will follow whether all cantons and also the customs will adhere to this Federal Court ruling and change their practice.

Since 2013 we have written this again and again, since the 9th edition of our legal aid brochure Shit happens. After four years the Federal Court made clear: a not punishable quantity cannot be punished. Now it is clear: this quantity cannot be confiscated either. It is a great satisfaction to be confirmed by the Federal Court after ten years!

Text of the federal court decision (in German)

14.06.2023 – Shit happens 15 as a foldout, our overview of THC & law in Switzerland

Shit happens 15 from summer 2023 is online Over the past few months, we have completed the latest edition of our overview of THC & Law in Switzerland. This edition replaces our brochure, which we last published in 2021.
Now, for the first time, it comes as a 12-page foldout – with the most important key points on THC & Law. On each page there is at least one link to find further information about the corresponding topic in our wiki on hanflegal.ch.

Our members have already received a copy in the June mailing – but the new issue can either be downloaded as PDF or ordered on paper for a fee.

Even after all these years, we hope of course that no one will have to use the information from our Shit happens and the wiki, but the legal consultations and the numbers show that in Switzerland still dozens are reported every day for handling cannabis. Shit happens just… and for these cases we still recommend to remember the most important key points – so that everyone is prepared in case it does happen.

17.05.2023 – Hemparade on June 3 in Wetzikon

Hemparade on June 3 in Wetzikon On Saturday, June 3, the Hemparade will take place at the Kulturfabrik Wetzikon.

Starting at 2 p.m., visitors can discover many things about hemp and its use: stalls with hemp products, a dab bar, glassblowers and presentations about hemp (e.g. also the one by Sven of the Association Legalize it!).

In addition, there will be food & drinks, accompanied by music as well as outdoor seating – and the best:
Admission is free!

We are already looking forward to an unforgettable day around the topic of hemp!

17.05.2023 – CannaTrade already over again

CannaTrade 2023 from 12 to 14 May And already the CannaTrade is over again… We hope you were able to visit this year's fair – the official aftervideo is available on youtube.

The weather didn't really invite you to stay outside, but the lectures and panels were a good opportunity to find out what's going on in Switzerland at the moment – or unfortunately not yet… The videos will soon be available on the youtube channel of CannaTrade.

It was three days full of impressions and encounters – many thanks especially to Sonia and Sven for their commitment on stage!

20.04.2023 – Happy 420 and CannaTrade 2023

CannaTrade 2023 from May 12 to 14 Happy 420! In three weeks the legendary Swiss hemp fair CannaTrade will begin!

From May 12 to 14 we will once again have the opportunity to explore and experience pretty much everything that has to do with hemp.

The fair will take place again this year (as in 2018 and 2019) in Hall 622 right next to the Zurich-Oerlikon train station - so it is extremely easy to reach by public transport.

In addition to the numerous booths of exhibitors from all over the world, there will again be a generous chill-out area under the open sky with a great culinary offer. In addition, a rich supporting program will take place again this year, covering many interests. At this point, the Joint Roll Contest and the CannaSwissCup should be mentioned – these are just two of many events, including lectures and panel discussions.
For example, Sven from the Association Legalize it! will first give a lecture on «THC&Law» on Saturday afternoon and then participate in a Discussion group. Afterwards Sonia will present the project “Legalize it! Social Club”(Hanfstübli) and take part in a Q&A session.

We are already looking forward to three unforgettable days around the topic of hemp!

22.03.2023 – City of Zurich pilot project has finally received definitive approval from the Federal Office of Public Health

Züri Can pilot project The Federal Office of Public Health (FOPH) has given the green light for the start of the study of the City of Zurich pilot project.

The next step is to start the enrollment process.

More general information can be found on our pilot project page.

If you are interested in joining our Cannabis Social Club, you are welcome to join our waiting list!

01/14/2023 - Travelogue: Cannabis in Bangkok (Thailand 2022)

Shelves with bongs in the High Got You One of our members took a vacation in Bangkok (Thailand) in early December 2022 and reports on this experience in the Travelogue: Cannabis in Bangkok.

We hope you enjoy reading it!

05.12.2022 – Report EKSN

Another report in a long series: The Federal Commission on Addiction and Prevention of noncommunicable Diseases, like its predecessor commissions, has published a report on the handling of cannabis. In it, it lists experiences from states in the U.S., as well as Canada and Uruguay, in implementing legalizations. It proposes a restrictive, controlled path for Switzerland. So if you want to know what questions you need to be able to answer if you want to legalize, you should work your way through the 40 or so pages.

The texts can be found on this page (no english version available, except for the report “lessons learned”): Overview Info EKSN See under the titles media releases, statements and especially reports (“lessons learned”).

07.11.2022 – SRF Impact on Cannabis Legalization

Already at the end of October, the team of SRF Impact had released a contribution, which has the smoking of pot and the cannabis legalization in Switzerland as a topic. Our active member Nino also had his say: Full report on youtube [Swiss-German] Nino's part

22.09.2022 – New summary penalty orders / documents 2022

The discussions about legalization and regulation of the cannabis market are interesting and important. But we would like to point out once again: These are discussions. In force is the same sharp narcotics law as it has been for years. Police forces and public prosecutor's offices also apply it! We have again put some examples of repression online. Here you can find the first summary penalty orders and documents from 2022 we received. More will follow… If you or someone you know has received such documents, we are always interested in receiving a copy.

08.04.2022 - The parliamentary initiative is one step further

Federal Palace “Regulation of the cannabis market for better youth and consumer protection”.

By 13 votes to 6 with 3 abstentions, the Commission for Social Security and Health decided to set up a sub-commission that will now tackle this work in concrete terms(media release).

However, there is no concrete time frame yet, and it is also not known what exactly the work of the sub-commission will be about. The next few months will bring more clarity. Nevertheless, on a political level, it is one of the most concrete attempts to make the handling of cannabis a bit more liberal.

For more information, see News → Parliamentary Initiative.

04/02/2022 - Legalization: possibilities and a beautiful variant

Bundeshaus We are asked the question again and again: When will cannabis become legal in Switzerland? This question is usually only aimed at the time dimension (yes, it will still take some time).

But what exactly does “legal” actually mean? As soon as cannabis is not completely forbidden, as soon as there is a permitted use, one can speak of “legal”. But what does this legal use look like in practice, and what areas does it cover? For example, are only farmers allowed to cultivate cannabis with a special permit, or are private individuals also allowed to do so? And are private individuals allowed to sell their harvest to friends? Or where is it allowed to consume? Only in private, or also in public?

There are many such questions of detail, and all can be regulated from liberal to restrictive. So before legalization can take place, society must agree on how to regulate the various issues.

On hanflegal.ch/legalization we present on some new pages first the bandwidths of the regulation possibilities as well as a concrete beautiful variant of legalization. We are happy to receive feedback.

You can find the archive of all contributions in the section Association.

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