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Legalize it! magazine

The 93rd issue of our magazine has arrived with our members in early March.

Members meeting

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Members meeting on 24. Jun 2022 18h - 22h

Members are welcome to register for the meeting.

Wiki on

After some trials and preparation work, the time has come: Our content is also available in French and English since April 19, 2021. We welcome feedback and suggestions for corrections.

New projects

Legalization matrix

We have started to create a legalization matrix. In it, we want to list all the points that need to be clarified for legalization and present concrete regulatory options.

Cannabis Social Club

We have made initial clarifications on whether and how we can play a role in the pilot trials (Cannabis Social Club).

If you would like to participate in one of these projects, please get in touch.

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Magazine Legalize it! #93

Magazine Legalize it! No. 93 - Spring 2022

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Next date


Members meeting on 24. Jun 2022 18h - 22h