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The 95th issue of our magazine was delivered to our members at the beginning of September.

Members meeting

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Members meeting on 11. Nov 18h - 22h

Members are welcome to register for the meeting.

Wiki on

After some trials and preparation work, the time has come: Our content is also available in French and English since April 19, 2021. The English version has been cleaned up for the most part, and we are now about halfway through the French version.

New projects

Legalization matrix

We have created a legalization matrix that lists the many points that need to be clarified for legalization. In addition, we have placed the regulatory options, i.e. the ranges in which legalization can take place. Our “beautiful solution” shows which variants we prefer.

Cannabis Social Club

We have made initial clarifications on whether and how we can play a role in the pilot trials (Cannabis Social Club).


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Magazine Legalize it! #95

Magazine Legalize it! No. 95 - Autumn 2022

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Next date


Members meeting on 11. Nov 18h - 22h