News on hempprosecution

THC and driving licence is a constant topic: because of this problem there are inquiries every week. Because the THC content in the blood quickly exceeds the limit: this means that a conviction for an offence is certain. Just as quickly, the authorities suspect drug addiction: Just three times a week is enough for this and generally calls the driver's license into question.

In a spurt, the many inquiries about Hempseeds imports, which were intercepted by the customs. Even after more than five years hempseedsprosecution still many order abroad and are then very uncertain how to deal with the police summons. I am curious to see if there will be as many requests again in the spring of 2021. In any case, the first have already been reported…

Less common are questions around THC in medicine, urine testing in hospitals, THC and IV or cultivation of CBD strains.

Penalty orders and documents on repression

We could again some documents to the hempprosecution of our facsimile collection to our facsimile collection. The volume 2020 is to find here. If you have also received such a document, we will gladly publish it! Just send it to us.

Example of a penalty order for hempseedsimport

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