Cannabis pilot trials

On January 30, 2023, the first cannabis pilot project started in Basel-Stadt! There, 180 study participants can now legally buy THC cannabis at the pharmacy. In 6 months, the second half of the total of 374 study participants will start.

The pilot projects are scientific studies to gain knowledge about the effects of a regulated use of cannabis for non-medical purposes.

Since mid-May 2021, the law article on cannabis pilot trials and the ordinance have come into force. Applications for pilot trials can now be submitted to the Federal Office of Public Health (FOPH).

Status Legalize it Social Club

We run one of the 10 social clubs together with the city of Zurich, our Hanfstübli.

We are currently enrolling study participants.

You can sign up for the study at!

Map of all projects

Schedule of all projects


Location First sale pilot project
Canton Basel-Stadt Started since January 30, 2023 🎉
City of Zurich Started since August 22, 2023 🎉
Bern Fall 2023
Lausanne September 2023
Biel (partner of Bern) End summer 2023
Lucerne (partner of Bern) Winter 2023/2024
Geneva not yet known
St. Gallen not yet known
Olten not yet known
Winterthur not yet known
Thun not yet known

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Since 2005 there have been many discussions whether experimental projects with actually prohibited hemp (1% THC and more) should and could be carried out. Now the parliamentary consultations on this have been concluded in September 2020.

You can find our articles on the amendment of NarcA from the last years here.

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