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Designation Price/year What you get
Subscription from 20 francs Four editions a year: the Magazine Legalize it! and (every few years) the Legal Aid Brochure Shit happens
Private membership from 50 francs Like subscription, plus free legal information, participation in Member meeting and voting rights at the general meeting of the association
Corporate membership from 200 francsLike private membership, plus Company entry at Magazine Legalize it!, that Legal Aid Brochure Shit happens and in the Wiki
  • Membership fees are welcome to be rounded up. Donate will allow us to do more.
  • If existing members their Member number this will make our work easier.
  • The Member number can be found on the payment slip from the dispatch.
  • Anonymous donations can be sent by Credit card be transacted.

The more francs we take, the more we can do. Hemp thanks!

You can support us financially through the following channels:

Postfinance or Bank (IBAN)

Our Postfinanceaccount number is 87-091354-3
Legalize it!, Quellenstrasse 25, 8005 Zurich

Our IBAN is CH02 0900 0000 8709 1354 3
Legalize it!, Quellenstrasse 25, 8005 Zurich
You may need the BIC designation: POFICHBEXXX

If you prefer a payment slip a deposit slip,
please send us an e-mail with your postal address.

QR Invoice

Make your transfer with the below
QR code below! Simply scan it with your eBanking app
or in online banking. QR code as PDF file

More info about the QR-bill can be found here.

Credit card

If you pay a membership fee we need your
your postal address or else your membership number
(to be found on the payment slip from the dispatch).

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