Brief overview of the latest changes to the NarcA

2024: First results of the sub-commission on cannabis regulation are expected in the fall

2022: The medical prescription of cannabis no longer requires an exceptional permit.

2021: Cannabis pilot projects are now possible (until 2031 at the latest), the first will start in 2022.

2016-2018: The attempt to gather the human and financial resources for a new initiative fails.

2013: 10g cannabis becomes exempt from punishment, the fixed penalties for supervised consumption are introduced (this required federal court rulings in 2017, 2019 and 2023: Punishment really not possible; also applies to young people; confiscation also not permitted).

2011: The partial revision of NarcA comes into force (heroin distribution definitive, four pillars, 1 % THC limit).

2008: The hemp initiative is rejected.

2005: Zero tolerance of THC in road traffic is introduced.

2004: The National Council definitively rejects decriminalization. All discussions since 1996 are thus off the table.

Sven, 21.5.2024

Discussions on the amendment of the NarcA

A good insight into the problems that would have to be solved in the case of a municipal cannabis dispensary is provided by the response of the Basel-Stadt government council to a question from a member of parliament in May 2014:

Second part Partial revision NarcA (fixed penalty model adopted and in force)

Hemp initiative (rejected) and first part of partial revision NarcA (accepted and in force)

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