The fixed penalties are decided

Following the Council of States' decision on September 18, 2012 to retain the fixed penalty of 100 francs, the National Council has now also abandoned the 200 francs and has followed the Council of States' line. In the final vote on September 28, 2012, the bill was passed by 128:57 (National Council) and 31:11 (Council of States) with only a few abstentions. The referendum period is currently still running (until January 17, 2013). It seems that no one has taken the referendum. This makes it very likely that the bill will be enacted by the Federal Council in the course of 2013. But we are still waiting for the end of the referendum period and will bring an article in the next issue with the details of this new partial revision of the partially revised Narcotics Law. We hope that by then the date of entry into force will also be known.

It seems unclear to us whether all prosecuting authorities in all cantons will adhere to this new optional regulation, i.e. whether they will all interpret the new provisions in the same way. On verra!

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