Winter 2008/09: November 30, 2008 is a thing of the past

The partial revision of NarcA has been accepted, the hemp initiative rejected. This concludes another major cycle in drug policy. It is up to us whether we can finally anchor our ideas in the future.

The Hemp Initiative

Unfortunately, a large-scale referendum campaign was not possible. The financial and human resources of the initiative supporters were too weak, too selective for that. Only a few people made very active efforts to achieve a good result. We owe them a great debt of gratitude for their efforts. But the fears of the population are too great, and our answers to them are not capable of gaining a majority, or simply: they are not (yet) being listened to. The nationwide result of 37% in favor is a good result. We were pleased with the yes vote in the cities of Bern and Zurich and especially in the area where we have our office: 72% yes in the Zurich city districts 4+5. This gives us hope to achieve improvements in the coming years.

Is a statewide fixed penalty model for THC coming?

Teachers' association, Pro Juventute and the working group of youth associations have submitted a proposal to punish THC consumption with a fine on the eve of the vote. This would mean less work for society and at best a lower fine for the user. This is the level on which the hemp policy discussion will now be conducted. Impunity is no longer an issue in the near future.

The NarcA-partial-revision

The result is clear: The 68% yes is a clear confirmation of the previous official drug policy, especially the four-pillar policy and heroin distribution. We are really not enthusiastic about this “partially” revised law. We do not begrudge the long-time heroin users that they can now definitely get their heroin legally and do not have to look for it in the streets again. And we hope that the new possibility to use THC as a medicine for seriously ill people will really come to fruition and alleviate suffering. On the other hand, more repression for non-medical THC users is to be feared. Be it in the misdefined protection of minors, be it in the simplification of hemp plant prosecution. There is nothing to celebrate, there it is called to “warm up”.

We remain active

The situation of THC users has certainly not become easier with these voting results. All the more it needs clarification, especially in the legal field. Our article in this issue on the changes brought about by the partial revision of NarcA is one step in this direction. Our THC& law wiki is a second, the new edition of our Shit happens the third. There will be another initiative in the next years. Maybe only for consumption, maybe again for a general release. This will not happen immediately. It needs resources that have to be worked out first. But we will not give up the fight for a complete hemp legalization in Switzerland so fast. We hope for your active (cooperation!) and/or passive (donations!) support.

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