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The parliamentary initiative of Heinz Siegenthaler (Die Mitte) wants to legally re-regulate cultivation, production, trade and consumption of cannabis containing THC according to the recommendations of the Federal Commission on Narcotic Drugs (EKSF). 1).

Status: The National Council's Commission for Social Security and Health(SGK-N) approved the initiative in its meeting on April 28, 2021, by 13 votes to 11 (1 abstention)(media release). Next, the business goes to the commission of the Council of States. Details on the process of the parliamentary initiative.

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Heinz Siegenthaler had already tried in 2018 in business 18.3150 to treat cannabis the same as high-proof alcohol. This business was written off in June 2020 because it was not conclusively dealt with in the Council within two years. Compared to the 2018 business, however, the current business has a much better chance with 40 co-signers.

You can find our articles on the amendment of NarcA from the last years here.

The EKSF has been replaced, among others, by the “Federal Commission on Addiction and Prevention of Non-Communicable Diseases (EKSN)” as of 2020
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