Legalization variant part 2: sale / transfer

✓ Private transfer, private sale

In the private environment, it must be permitted to give or sell cannabis free of charge.

Level of charges / pricing

Information services, addiction counseling, and other health programs on cannabis should be funded from levies on cannabis sold.

However, the prices for users must not exceed the black market prices, because if the tax is set too high, some will have to continue buying on the black market.

Here is an example calculation based on CBD-weed in Switzerland:

  • Average price for CBD-weed on sale is about 6-7 CHF per gram(Galaxus, Switzerland 2020).
  • Of this amount, approximately CHF 0.5 is VAT (7.7%).
  • Cultivation costs hemp farmers about CHF 1 per gram (about 15%).
  • This leaves about CHF 5.5 per gram (about 80%) for cannabis-specific duties and taxes.
  • The current market in Switzerland is estimated at around CHF 500 million(Zobel, Switzerland 2020).
  • Thus, approximately CHF 400 million in cannabis levies/taxes are expected.

Taxes should not be linked to the quantity, but to the THC value. This prevents manufacturers from deliberately increasing the THC content in order to maximize profits(Wayne Hall, USA 2020).

✓ Product diversity

In general, all forms of cannabis must be allowed to be sold (flowers, oils, concentrate, hash, edibles, …), otherwise the black market will continue.

For forms such as edibles, which can be easily confused or underestimated in their effect by the unsophisticated, the labeling obligation is particularly important:

✓ Labeling obligation


The content of active ingredients (THC, CBD) must be determined in the laboratory and printed on packages, as shown in the picture on the right.

This way, users can accurately determine the desired dose and do not risk an unwanted overdose.

In addition, the labeling is a guarantee of quality: consumers can be sure that a laboratory has tested the product against harmful substances such as pesticides, heavy metals or mold. See also: Swiss Certified Cannabis (SCC) Certification by IG Hemp

✘ No sale only by government agencies

Sales should be allowed by the private sector, not just by the government, as in Canada, for example.

The government is usually slow, which in an emerging market ensures that consumer demands and large crowds can still only be met on the black market, e.g. in the variety of products.

Online sales must be allowed, otherwise some people will have to continue buying on the black market.

We know from studies that many consumers do not switch to legal sources if the price, quality and convenience are not right(Sylvain Charlebois, Canada 2019).

✓ Sales locations

While specialty stores selling cannabis are the best option for many people, specialty stores are not available everywhere or for all suitable occasions.

Therefore, the sale of cannabis must also be possible in supermarkets (e.g. Migros & Coop), at the kiosk or even at parties. Just as there are food festivals, one can imagine a truck at a festival distributing locally grown cannabis specialties to connoisseurs.

One advantage of specialty stores is that employees there can acquire and maintain much better expertise than can be expected at a kiosk, for example.

This is another reason why packaging and advertising should refer to central points of contact for information, advice and problem solving.

✘ No maximum quantity

No quantity limits on THC or limits on THC percentage! Quantity limits can ensure that the black market continues to exist.

No quantity limits for purchase, storage or transport. We assume that a patent will be required for commercial resale, just as with alcohol.

✓ Sale to All

We hope that more and more countries will legalize cannabis, which will eventually make drug tourism unnecessary.

Therefore, we would like tourists to be allowed to buy as well.

Some models, such as some places in the Netherlands (“Wiet-Pas”), allow sales only to local residents or members.

🔥 Controversial! Amsterdam is a thorn in the side of drug tourism (Statement 2021).

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