Evaporation in general

Vaporizing or vaporizing (from English to vaporize) refers to a technique by which active ingredients can be dissolved and inhaled without inhaling combustion residues. In other words: vapor instead of smoke, which drastically reduces the burden on the lungs.

With THC, it takes temperatures around 200 °C for it to change to a vaporous state and then be inhaled. But at 233 °C the combustion process begins - and once plant material has ignited, it burns, produces smoke, and for that you don't need a vaporizer, a (cheaper) pipe will do. Roughly speaking, the technical challenge for an evaporator is to reach 200 °C without ever going above 230 °C.

The effects of vaporizing are: enormously smaller load on the lungs, less material for a similar effect, pure taste, no smoke and ash, much less conspicuousness (neighborhood, office).

Pure or mixed

In principle, you can vaporize any plant material. So medicinal herbs like chamomile, sage, but also stimulants like tobacco and hemp. If you only put hemp in a vaporizer, you will only get THC and other cannabinoids. Even though the effect is strong and clear, there are differences to a joint. On the one hand, the tobacco (the nicotine) is missing, on the other hand the smoke (carbon monoxide, tar and much more). While tobacco can also be vaporized and thus nicotine can be ingested, the feeling of smoke never exists with vaporizers. However, since smoking is the main health risk of smoking pot, that's fine - but vaporize and smoking will never feel the same.

A useful variant

We do not want to dictate to anyone how he or she should consume. However, we have always, time and part, experienced a lot of interesting things with vaporizing and appreciate this form of consumption very much: Even very loose flowers that are hardly suitable for smoking can be perfectly vaporized. This can save enormous amounts of material and money! Even those who prefer to smoke joints: In various situations, the vaporize can be helpful, especially when socializing with non-smokers, at (smoke-free) concerts, in hotels, in busy places.

Test equipment in our office

We have collected a few vaporizers (now also the Arizer Solo) over the years, which members are welcome to test. A test says more than a text: either spontaneously at a member meeting or with registration via li@hanflegal.ch.

More about the evaporator

At the very end of our medicine page you will find a compilation of further articles on the subject of vaporization.

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