The reality also in 2013: repression, repression...

In waves, there is always talk about decriminalization and legalization in Switzerland. But it always happened exactly the opposite: More repression, that was and is the reality! In 2013, for the first time, more than 50,000 consumption convictions were counted.

Referrals for acts of consumption (infractions)


Referrals for passing on actions (misdemeanor)


One quarter fines OB

Since October 1, 2013, there is the possibility to punish cannabis use with an OB (for details see LI65). So now the first quarter fixed penalties is statistically recorded - from October to December 2013 2'198 were distributed. These are now added to the referrals, because no referrals are issued for OB, but the police can fine cannabis use directly with 100 francs. If you extrapolate this quarter of OB to a whole year, there should be around 9,000 OB in 2014. In this case, it seems that personal use referrals just keep rising, as they have for years. In that case, OB would simply be an additional variant of repression.

Source and remarks

Federal Statistical Office, Police Crime Statistics, Annual Reports 2009 to 2013. We bring the figures without the category “Multiple”. This contains more pure multiple hemp cases, but the BfS shows itself unable to break down this category for us. Graphical representation by us.

The figures of fixed penalties up to and including 2012 in the (few) cantons where there were already fixed penalties for cannabis use (e.g., St. Gallen) are not included in the statistics, as there were no police report.

Now, since 2013, in addition to the conviction statistics, there are also statistics on the new, nationwide fixed penalties. These are now shown in dark gray (in the first graph on the right).

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