What should I answer the police?

The police need evidence

The more use you admit to, the more times you have violated the Controlled Substances Act.

If you only admit to the one joint you are smoking when they check you, then you are admitting to a single use. This can go unpunished. Multiple use, on the other hand, is usually punished. It is not so easy to keep silent during a police interrogation. Theoretically, it seems easy: say nothing. But in the actual situation - you alone with various officers who look at you crossly - many pot smokers have become chatterboxes and dragged their environment into it. Therefore: Try to keep quiet!

Here's an overview of the trickiest points in interviewing - it's exhausting and not at all pleasant, but you have to take it seriously!

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  1. You do not have to indicate your profession, nor whether you attend school.
  2. You are obliged to provide this information: Name, first name, date of birth, home address. You may refuse to answer all other questions!
  3. Are parents still capable of caring for their children? Depending on the region, there may also be problems for parents who smoke pot.
  4. If you tell the police that you have already been fined once, it is easy for them to give you a higher fine (because of repeated delinquency). Otherwise, they will have to do the investigation themselves.
  5. The last three years can be added together!
  6. If you say a price, it is clear that you have bought and subsequently possessed what you have bought. However, buying and possessing are always punishable, the mere consumption can go unpunished. A minor case is almost impossible with possession. Possession for personal use can be added up to three years by the police judge.
  7. The more consumption you admit to, the more often you have violated the NarcA and the higher the fine can be.
  8. No is a good answer!
  9. Well, now they want to meet your dealer. But you don't want that, do you? It would have been better to answer “no”…
  10. At least three years into the past.
  11. If you earn very little, the fine may be lower.
  12. Check here carefully that the officials do not write down anything wrong. weed is not equal to hash, even if there is no box to check.
  13. Again, pay close attention that confiscated money or other items are really listed - only then you have a chance to get them back.
  14. Problems with the driver's license get all people who smoke pot fairly regularly.
  15. With your signature, this sheet becomes your statement. Therefore: Read it carefully, make corrections and only then sign it. Even if it takes a little longer.
  16. Try to remember the name of the officer. Likewise, you should write down your statement right after the questioning, as long as you can remember it well.

You usually don't get a copy of the log. Try to get a copy.

File inspection

At the latest as soon as the proceedings are over, you can ask to see the files and all the documents that the authorities have created and collected about you and your illegal actions. Sometimes the production of copies is free of charge, sometimes the authorities charge for it. However, it is always worthwhile to know exactly what is at hand and whether an appeal against the penalty would be useful.

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