What do fines for smoking pot look like?

More than 90% are fines

Between the two extreme examples we have presented here, there are many other intermediate levels in the severity of the punishment. On this page you can see standard fines from all over Switzerland. Mostly the amount of the fine is between 100 and 700 francs. In addition, there are the writing, saying, delivery and other fees, which make up another 25 to 350 francs. Dozens of such fines are issued every day.

Most different bus heights

As a further information, here is a compilation of the fine heights from our archives: 340 francs, 212.50 francs, 215 francs, 451 francs, 591 francs, 230 francs, 495 francs, 189 francs, 100 francs etc. So the most different fine heights are pronounced.

It does not depend on the amount found, but rather on whether you own the material for yourself, for your own use, or whether you have passed it on or even sold it. The two fines on the right refer once to a few “residues” (above), once to more than 2 kilos (below) - but the fine amount is 100 francs in both cases ! Because it was always about own consumption and it was in each case the first report.

The fine from Obwalden (at the bottom) is with 700 francs so high, because the smoker admitted seven years of consumption and had a bad judge.

The fines on this page refer to the first time report. Those who are reported several times always have to face higher penalties (see also here).

More collected summary penalty orders can be found here.

Send us your documents

We are also very interested in your summary penalty order. This is the only way we can assess the current repression. Please make a copy (or scan) and send it to us ( or Legalize it!, Quellenstrasse 25, 8005 Zürich). Thank you very much!

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