Are parents allowed to forbid me to smoke pot?

The parents do not have to forbid it at all

Since smoking pot is illegal anyway, parents don't really need to prohibit it. It is already illegal by law! And yet there are regularly big discussions between the young people who have just started to smoke pot and their parents. Many parents are upset when they find out that their children are smoking pot and want to stop them. They may take away their child's piece or bag of weed and impose punishments on them (grounding, multimedia ban, bag money cuts). There is nothing a teenager or young person can do about this.

Parents do not have to show the children

Parents can also report their children to the police and thus obtain an official punishment for their offspring. But rather few do so. And they don't have to. Most parents sooner or later come to terms with the consumption and try to control the smoking of their children: prevent smoking at home; talk to the children when they come home stoned. Of course, there are more and more parents who have had experiences with THC consumption themselves or who are currently smoking pot themselves. For such adults, the problem is whether they should give their offspring some of their own weed or hash, or whether they want to enjoy THC together with them.

Parents are role models

Parents are of course the most important role models for their children when it comes to all drug use (whether legal or illegal): Anyone who smokes cigarettes and has an alcohol binge every few days is certainly not a credible role model when it comes to banning smoking pot. Although many parents find it difficult, they have to get used to the fact that they cannot forbid or dictate everything to their children. Especially when young people get older, they do what they want anyway - you can then accompany them and show them alternatives, but young people can rarely be forced onto a prescribed path.

Protection from the black market

To keep their offspring away from the black market, more and more parents grow the hemp for their teenagers themselves - this way they have at least some control over their consumption and especially over the quality. However, this makes them liable to prosecution. And if some of this hemp then gets into the hands of their schoolmates via their own children, there can be very violent reactions from the other parents (who can of course go to the police again and press charges). It really is a difficult area and there are no easy or pretty solutions. But letting the young THC users look for hash or weed in the alley is not good either.

Attention penalty tightening

A new aggravating factor is that passing on to minors, as well as just enabling the consumption of minors, is a misdemeanor. Especially if the parents themselves consume THC, they should be very careful that the offspring do not get access to the hemp supplies. But even if parents allow their minors to grow hemp plants for their own consumption, this could have massive criminal consequences.

The parents determine

At the latest when the young people have reached the age of majority, parents no longer have much say in the matter. However, as long as the youngsters still live at home, they can prohibit smoking pot at home. Parents can also do this, by the way, if consumption were to be legalized in general: This would still not force parents to tolerate the smoke at home.

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