Summary penalty orders 2016

The punishment of hemp consumption turns out very differently. Also for 2016 we can publish interesting examples of hemp consumption punishments. More and more often, even the mere consumers are punished with costs of more than 1,000 francs. The fixed penalties à 100 francs make up only a third of the penalties, the majority are still the normal fines with fees. Here it can quickly cost a multiple.

Summary penalty order Lucerne

It was about four balcony plants, the punishment became expensive:


Discontinuation order Basel-City

Even if no fine is imposed here, the hiring order is not free of charge:


Summary penalty order Schwyz

Here, three years of consumption and purchase are punished:


Summary penalty order from Valais

Every year, many cannabis users get caught in the large-scale controls around the Open Air Gampel (even without consumption in public). The amount of the fines is really high.


Summary penalty order Bern

It was only about some hashish, consumption did not take place at all. For this, there is a normal bus:


Summary penalty order from Aargau because of hemp seeds

A heavy fine for 20 hemp seeds! In addition, forwarding the documents to the road traffic office.


Summary penalty order from Bern

An example on the subject of cultivation for self-consumption:

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