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So now I am trained: I am allowed to host study participants and have a license to sell study cannabis in our social club. Legal dealing!

But it's a special situation: There are many requirements (they fill a few pages), a limited time-frame (until the end of 2026) and a restriction to a few dozen members of the social club. So within this framework, I will be allowed to sell hash and weed starting this autumn.

However, only if our clubhouse is also licensed to sell. That is now the next challenge and I hope we can get it done! Although this would not solve all of our problems, but it would enable something that is completely new.

However, one thing is clear: anyone who moves outside the pilot project rules will feel the full force of the NarcA. Just like all other consumers who do not participate in a project.

That's why we have designed a new Shit happens, issue 15, which you can also find as an insert in this mailing.

Hemp greetings from the secretary Sven Schendekehl

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