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It will soon be harvest time. I hope many resinous flowers could grow. Whether they are legal (for pilot projects or as medicinal hemp) or illegal. With or without a permit: Hemp existed even before the authorities issued or refused licenses.

Hemp is a beautiful plant and it grows and flowers without any problems if you let it. In 2022, over 100,000 plants were not left alone and were destroyed by the police. It didn't make sense, but authorities don't always make sense. They just have their entrenched views and the power to enforce them.

A more relaxed way to deal with cannabis would be a nice development. But we are still a long way from that. There is still no majority in sight for a change in the legal situation.

But hemp doesn't care. It was there before humans. It is even there for the people (how generous, despite all the repression). But that's just it: We would have to let it be. I'm curious to see if we can achieve this relaxation!

Greetings from the secretary Sven Schendekehl

Last modified: 2024/03/27 08:56

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