Planned activities and major donations 2015

What we want to use our resources for, you can find here. To be able to do that, we need our office, the secretariat and many helping hands and heads of our members. Together we have already achieved a lot!

Our film project takes its way

Those who are on the e-mail distribution list know: We called for the production of film clips about repression. Now the project has developed further. On the one hand, a filmmaker is trying to realize a large, professional film on the topic of “repression stories”. This will still take time, but we are very pleased that the idea has found such an echo.

On the other hand, we are working on a film with a smaller section: it is to be a film about the prosecution of THC in road traffic. In about eight minutes we present the most important key data of the problem and call to change this untenable state of affairs.

Project "Road Traffic and THC

Because in many conversations it came out again and again that many find the absurd THC limits and the actions of the road traffic authorities enormously burdensome. (Even the users who are against legalization…). The film is supposed to be the starting signal for this project. Afterwards we will deal with the topics of alternative limits, divergent opinions from forensic medicine circles, internationally different regulations, etc. In a few days, on 1.1.2015, zero tolerance has been in force for ten years. Since then, countless people have been punished for an offense, even though they did not commit any specific wrongdoing and even the medical examination did not reveal any abnormalities. We will try to summarize the experiences of this decade and build ways to change these provisions.

We want to continue the tried and tested

Four Legalize it! meetings - further development of the Wiki (for example, we are working on a French translation of our Shit happens ) - legal advice - members' meetings - collecting and publishing information - and the other day-to-day office work - all this is to be continued.

Project "Ability to take the initiative

After securing the current status, we ultimately want to achieve legalization in Switzerland. This will require a lot more. We calculate the following amounts for the initiative and the campaign: To plan an initiative, to start and to collect successfully seems to us possible from a budget of 250'000 francs per year. For a referendum campaign that is worthy of the name and that can also be won, a budget of around one million francs per year is needed for at least two or three years. Of course, we are a long way from that. But we should keep such figures in mind if we really want to win one day.

Project "What happens if I get caught?"

The differences in the prosecution and punishment of dealing with cannabis are great. Many people do not understand the whole thing. Fixed penalties, reports, Art. 19, misdemeanor, Art. 19a, contravention, fines of 100 or 1000 francs. It's easy to get tangled up. Our idea for 2015 is to create a poster or a big postcard on which an overview of the prosecution of cannabis in Switzerland is presented (and links to more in-depth info). On the left the actions, then the prosecution, the penalty(s) and also the number of corresponding incidents. On the one hand as an overview, but also as an introduction for newly interested / affected / media professionals. In addition, the part should also serve the membership and donation recruitment, by drawing attention to our association, our info and activities.

Lobbying" project

Finally, we would like to spend more time working with media professionals. At best, we could participate in the development of a CSC concept. In any case, we need to refresh the political contacts.

We hope that you find our undertakings meaningful and want to continue to support them!

Major donations collection 2015

We need approximately 30,000 francs for 2015 in addition to our current income, which we need to raise through large donations. If you can pledge 5,000, 2,500, 1,000 or 500 francs, please fill out the back of the cover letter. There you can also indicate when you can make the transfer. You are also welcome to support our activities with monthly contributions.

A year ago the mountain was much bigger: We needed more than 40'000 francs and didn't really know if we could manage it. Now we have a year of experience, the amount is a quarter smaller and we know it's doable. But only you can make it possible if you decide to make a large donation.

Many thanks and Äxgüsi to all who have already made large donations. We hope to have to annoy you less with such appeals in the long run. But at the moment it is simply necessary.

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