From the Seki (LI69)

It is already March 2015. Our association meeting has taken place, I have sent the second extension to our Shit happens, together with the large donation appeal, and the overview of cannabis repression found attention in 20Minuten and some radios.

My secretarial position now continues safely until the end of March, one more month: already the 24th with 60% again. An impressive development. More and more elements are coming together, the different parts are networking better and better. It seems to me that something is activating.

Of course, legalization is still far away here. In other places, however, extremely real legalizations have taken place. This makes it easier for everyone to imagine it, and the sometimes enormous fears of our good herb turn out to be quite concretely what they are: absurd. Legalizations are absolutely feasible. Maybe “The next big thing?”

The 2015 Big Fundraiser is underway: extremely grateful thanks to all who have already paid in! If you can pledge something, I'm happy to hear from you by March 27, 2015.

After probably more than 20 years, we are giving up our landline in the next few weeks. We want to save this cost, because almost everything is now done via cell phone and mail. Two more members can only call our cell phone 079 581 90 44 with higher costs. For these and possible others we offer to call back.

Hanfig greets your secretary: Sven Schendekehl, spring 2015

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