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Thanks to the first large donations for 2016, I was able to start working on the legal information. A lot of money and work is still missing until the printing of Shit happens 10. But the project has started and I am very motivated to get the new edition done.

The Federal Commission on Narcotics Issues (new: Suchtfragen) released its report “Are Drugs Dangerous?” at the end of 2015. While it sees its study as a basis for a differentiated assessment and regulation by politicians, the Tagi (28.12.15) commented succinctly, in view of the “fearful and morally driven discussion” in drug policy, that the report would “go unheard” - like so many before it.

This could come true sooner than expected: On 3.3.16, the National Council will discuss the new fixed penalties law (which will also include the recently introduced cannabis fixed penalties from NarcA ), whether it wants to abolish it again so that all THC users can be punished as before. A fixed penalty law to abolish fixed penalties? It could hardly be more absurd. The details will only become clear after the printing of this Legalize it! - we will report then in LI74.

Now I'm looking forward to 2016. Will Shit happens 10 succeed? Will our CannaTrade appearance be good? Will we even start a popular initiative? I hope for nice surprises!

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