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A new year gives a lot to do: First it was time to finish posting so that we could prepare the 2016 annual financial statements. Then it was the turn of the annual report. The preparation of our 2017 association meeting followed immediately.

Now it is behind us and for the first time in a long time there are no longer two of us on the board. There are now four of us. More about this here.

I have redesigned our magazine so that we can have it printed externally. The current in-house printing is no longer feasible with more than 500 copies needed. That's why the Legalize it! is coming out (again) as a brochure. The longtime members may still remember the times of the old brochures… I hope you like it. It is also expandable: The old issues were up to 48 pages each. We'll start with 16 and see how far we get.

In any case, there are manytopics in 2017: The ordinance on the new law on fixed penalties is being consulted on. This also affects cannabis consumption. We are continuing to follow the boom in hemp with less than 1% THC (“CBDweed”). The assessment of the authorities that it is always a tobacco substitute product leads to a tax liability, in the same amount as for tobacco.

We will also take a closer look at the tracking statistics, continue to update the Swiss Joint Index and more. I hope for your interest.

Hanfig greets Secretary Sven Schendekehl

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