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The start of the new year was marked by booking, because at the end of January our association meeting 2020 already took place. In this Legalize it! you will find the minutes with the annual financial statement and the annual report 2019. The board of directors in 2020 will again consist of Fabian Strodel, Markus Graf and Sven Schendekehl. We hope for a successful association year!

So 2020 is now indeed the 30th year of our activities - an incredibly long time in which we have seen a lot and shaped a lot. This will also be the topic of the first members' meeting after the rebuilding break.

In terms of content, this year is marked by updating our info on hemp and law. We would like to adapt the A3 overview, revise our web pages on hanflegal.ch as well as publish a new edition of the legal aid brochure.

In this context: Please spread the word that ordering hemp seeds is really not a good idea. I already had some cases again this year…. In May the CannaTrade is coming up, which will take place once again this year in Bern. In order to be allowed to have a booth there, we are advertising for the CannaTrade: in this Legalize it! again with an ad and an insert. If you want to join our Legalize it! booth team, please contact us.

Have a nice spring.

Hanfig greets secretary Sven Schendekehl

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