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Dear member

I get it more and more often: Nerves are getting thinner, many are exhausted. This virus and the lockdowns are taking quite a toll on our society.

We are also noticing that online meetings are just not the same as real meetings. There's a lot missing: the direct personal exchange, the shared laughter and discussions. In the meantime, I even miss the loud arguments…

More and more people also have financial problems. Those who suddenly have 10 or 20% less pay because of short-time work, for example, feel it strongly, especially in the lower income groups.

So 2021 will hardly be easier than last year. CannaTrade also had to be postponed a second time, to 2022. Will we have this misery behind us by then?

Much remains uncertain. But we'll keep going as long as we can. That has always been our motto!

30 years of association history are over. There are now four of us on the board and we have a lot of plans. More about this in our minutes of the association meeting in this Legalize it!

Around Easter we will take a spring break. From March 29 to April 9, 2021 our office will be closed. I hope for an enjoyable spring!

Hemp greetings from the secretary Sven Schendekehl

Last modified: 2024/03/27 08:56

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