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Orderinghemp seeds abroad for six years now has been an excellent way for many to get to know in detail the view of customs, prosecutors, police as well as the road traffic office.

This topic has become a classic in our legal consultations. Many people come up with the following: Yes, the NarcA is a moronic law, but it is all the harsher for it. Yes, the suspicion of drug addiction arises already from three times consumption per week. And yes, that also includes consumption that takes place completely independently of driving. And no, a police report interrogation is not the place to tell your whole life story.

The only positive thing about this totally disproportionate repression is that many are getting to know and see our laws and authorities better: There is a need for action!

With the question, why there were nevertheless still no changes of these unspeakable regulations, I deal here. I hope we can get the difficulties out of the way!

In summer we have a reduced summer operation due to vacations and preparation work for our Shit happens 14: From July 5 to August 6 we are only available on Fridays.

Let's enjoy the summer days!

Hemp greetings from the secretary Sven Schendekehl

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