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At the beginning unimaginable: Now I am half of my life secretary in our Association. Sometimes with more, sometimes with fewer percentages - but uninterruptedly for 315 months. What a lot has changed, e.g. the way society deals with smoking: You were still allowed to take a puff on the train, indoors - unimaginable today. There were times when it was legally unclear whether hemp flowers were prohibited narcotics or legal fragrance sachets - the intended use decided: Hard to believe today. Vaporizers used to be a crazy idea, but today even mobile vaporizers have become commonplace. 26 years secretary: Yes, a lot has changed!

The hemp persecution, however, has outlasted all this time. Sometimes it was stronger, sometimes it declined a bit, but every year it has plagued tens of thousands of people for acts that might be laughed off or called self-harming. But criminal or illegal? This prosecution should be abolished. I would be very happy if one day it was called: Hemp prosecution? Unimaginable!

Hemp greetings from the secretary Sven Schendekehl

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