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In the second half of 2022, some interesting innovations have developed:

  • Another cannabis policy cycle begins - will it succeed this time?
  • A new approach to hemp in medicine is now possible - will it prove successful?
  • The pilot projects are getting underway - are they successful?

So new possibilities and perspectives are opening up! After more than 30 years of working on this topic, I am very pleased that things are becoming possible that have never existed in Switzerland before.

I am not looking at this naively: Because I know how many projects and plans have already failed, what all simply could not be implemented or ultimately did not meet expectations… You still have to try again and again. Draabliibe günnt! (Sticking with it wins!)

There are now various fields for this and I am curious to see what will become possible. However, we must always critically question these developments. Because it is illusory that now everything will simply become good: Problems and pitfalls will remain.

Hempy greetings from the secretary Sven Schendekehl

Last modified: 2024/03/27 08:56

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