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It can happen that quickly: Now we have a second employee besides me: Nino clarifies the resources for the hemp initiative until the end of the year. We wish him much success in his mission! Only a few months ago, more job percentages, even if temporary, seemed unthinkable - and now it has become possible after all.

There is also really a lot going on. The number of media reports on hemp, legalization, CBD, road traffic, consumption, etc. is at a very high level.

Our growth also requires new administrative work: Priska and I are in the process of setting up double-entry bookkeeping, or rather, figuring out how we can import the existing, simple bookings in our database into the accounting software.

Exactly one year ago, we released the 10th edition of our legal aid brochure. This edition is now coming to an end, and I will now take care of a revised new edition in batches (including innovations in the fixed penalty procedure, info on hemp < 1% THC, statistics à jour). The Shit happens 11 should then appear in March 2018, so that we can present it at the CannaTrade 2018.

In October, I would like to take the first steps for this and also take a few days off.

Now I wish everyone a colorful autumn. The Legalize it! 79 will be published at the beginning of December.

Hanfig greets Secretary Sven Schendekehl

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